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Pirouz Pack Industry

Making packaging machines in very different models is one of our specialties in Pirouz  Pack Industry . Pirouz Pack Industry has been operating since 1979 under the management of Mr. Abbas Torabi, the first founder of closed industries. Pirouz Brothers has started packing in Iran. Manufacturing all kinds of food packaging machines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and medical supplies, parts packaging, disposable containers and in general packaging of solid products in various dimensions and sizes of our collection services. Be.

Pirouz Pack Industry has been able to transform its activities in the field of manufacturing packaging machines from a traditional system to an integrated system of modern industrial management, in line with economic developments and the emergence of new competitors. We are proud that today more than 5,000 of our packaging machines are operating in factories across the country and in more than 15 countries around the world.

free consultation

You can use our free consultation to buy the best and most suitable packaging machine

Installation services

Installation services as well as training to work with the device are provided by experts in your area.

Gain customer satisfaction

By offering quality products, we have been able to achieve the satisfaction of our customers

Warranty and after-sales service

All our products have warranty and after-sales service

Some Usages of our packing Machine

Pillow Packing Machine

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