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Biscuit packing machine

Biscuit packing machine by Pirouz Pack industry is suitable for packing different kinds of biscuit, wafer, hi-bye, apple pie, choco roll, cake, cookies etc. and packs these products in beautiful packages of multiple or single, in different sizes. The packing device by Pirouz Pack is among pillow pack devices and sews both sides of all the products.

The mechanism of the biscuit packing device by Pirouz Pack

The biscuit packing device by Pirouz Pack is designed in mechanical, semi-automatic and full automatic types. The design of mechanical and semi-automatic is in a way that has a very simple function and the best performance and it only needs one operator. The full automatic biscuit packing device has a simple setting and without the need of an operator packs the products with high quality without wastage of product and cellophane.

Technical features of the biscuit packing device:

  • Equipped with PLC electronic system
  • Equipped with automatic troubleshooting system
  • The high speed of packing 150 to 200 products a minute
  • The frame-work is steel with waterproof epoxy color

For ordering the biscuit packing device by Pirooz Pack industry and receiving more information and free consulting, contact us. It is necessary to mention that all the packing devices by Pirooz Pack have guarantee and after sales services.

دستگاه بسته بندی بیسکوییت

Pillow packing machine

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