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Bread packing machine

Bread packing machine is one of the most important machines required in bread production units, Pirouz Pack industry produces mechanical, semi-automatic and automatic bread packing machine with the best quality. These machines will pillow pack different sorts of baguette, burger bread, etc. in plastic and paper bags.

The unique advantages of Pirooz Pack industry bread packing machine:

  • Protecting all kinds of bread against the light, humidity, dust and preventing their corruption.
  • The ability to pack products in different sizes with high speed, without any wastage.
  • All the parts of the packaging machine are made of steel with stainless epoxy color to prevent the device from rusting and decaying.
  • The ability to work with different kinds of Cellophane, metalize, laminate and polyethylene paper.
  • The ability of adjusting the speed completely digitally.

The pillow packing machine are so similar in appearance and their main difference is in the packing size, speed, having photocell eye for printed cellophanes and whether the device is mechanical or automatic. Pirouz Pack industry has considered special after sale services for the customers. In case of any malfunction in the device you should only contact our support team.

دستگاه بسته بندی نان

Pillow packing machine

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