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Burger packing machine

The Burger packing machine by Pirouz Pack industry is produced with the best quality, using the modern technology. The burger packing machine is suitable for packing semi-prepared food such as:

  • Kebab packing
  • Chicken nugget packing
  • Fried shrimp packing
  • Fried chicken packing
  • Cold sandwich packing

This packing machine will pack all of these products in a complete hygienic way and prevents their corruption.

The features of Pirooz Pack burger packing machine:

  • It has the ability to pack the products in maximum size of 6*18*40.
  • It has been introduced to the market as double-jawed.
  • The method of packing in this food packing machine is metric and automatic.
  • This packing machine does not demand an operator and the speed and length of the packing is set digitally.
  • The number and the driving force of this machine is three SERVO motors.

The burger packing machine by Pirooz Pack industry will pillow pack the products. Eventually you will be able to provide high quality products in beautiful packing to your customers. It is necessary to mention that all the packing machine by Pirooz Pack have guarantee and after sales services.

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Pillow packing machine

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