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Fruit leather packing machine

Fruit leather packing machine in one of the model of our packaging machine in Pirouz Pacj Industry.
Pirooz Pack industry has produced a packing machine for various kinds of fruit leather with the best quality. Since the majority of these delicious product’s consumers are children and teenagers, the appearance is important as the quality of packing and observing the hygienic principles. Therefore the fruit leather packing machine by Pirouz Pack industry have a high variety in using different types of metalize cellophane, laminate and polyethylene paper.

Features of fruit leather packing machine

Fruit leathers are produced and cut in in various sizes. Therefore the packing machine by Pirouz Pack Industry is able to pack the fruit leathers in different sizes with a high speed without any wastage. Using the pillow packing machine, you will be able to pack small to very big fruit leathers (30 to 35 centimeters in width and with no limits in length).

The abilities of packing device for catering fruit leather:

The packing machine for catering fruit leather by Pirouz Pack industry, packs the product fully automatic and without the need of an operator and prevents its corruption.
This machine packs the products in a beautiful way by the speed of 2000 packs a minute. Pirooz Pack industry provides free consulting service to dear customers.

دستگاه بسته بندی لواشک و دستگاه بسته بندی لواشک پذیرایی

Pillow packing machine

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